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Overview (Text or Audio):
You want to present an overview of a previously published peer reviewed journal article of which you were an author relevant to one or more of the following topics related to breathing science: research, practical applications, literature review, or theoretical analysis? You can choose between two formats:

A 800 words text that highlights and puts into context the core ideas or findings of the original article. The overview will be published to the website.

A 25-minute presentation highlighting and putting into context the core ideas or findings of the original article. Followed by a 20 minutes interview by a member of our editorial board regarding possible implications and relevance of your contribution. The recording will be published to the website along with a written and editable (by you) transcript of the recording session. Please submit along with the original article, an up to 200 words abstract for your presentation.

You are a distinguished experts who wants to summarize (some of) her/his work or go beyond what you have previously published? Lectures are 45 minutes presentation followed by a half an hour interview with a member of the editorial team. LECTURES can be life events or recorded. Please submit a 400-500 words abstract for your lecture.

Indicate the respective format in the subsequent form.

For further questions please contact the BSJ EDITORS.

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